We have built, unwittingly, a fundamentally flawed environment for delivering software. Incapable of dealing with bugs and viruses.

Commercial entities writing software inevitably must find a budget for dealing with their inevitably broken software.

But they rarely do, because there is no profit in it. It is a cost, to be triaged.

There is, however, great profit in exploiting it.

And thus the modern world was born, where exploits are hoarded as leverage, and the hoards are exploited as leverage.

And the world wonders why developers, who are a leaf on the wind, don’t just write better software.

And the developers wonder why people, who are simply fearful of the next attack, or the changes they didn’t want, don’t just update their software.

And the businesses wonder why customers, who wonder why they pay so much, can’t just pay more to cover their costs.

It’s software. It’s made of bugs.

This industry needs a revolution.

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