Do you like to do programming kata regularly? Me too! How about pair programming with new people? Me too!

Why should you do programming kata? Why should you practice programming in a safe place, where you’re free to explore new ideas? Hopefully the answer is self-evident. In neuro-psychological terms, doing regular kata teaches the System 1 brain (Daniel Kahneman, Thinking Fast and Slow) to make faster and better decisions while you code in your day to day work.

I’m open to kata in many of the most popular programming languages, and am always willing to try something new. So I’ve put my practice schedule out on the web…

Let’s pair on a kata!

I do remote pairing over ScreenHero normally, but I’m probably also open to tmux + skype. If we’ve never paired before, make sure you send me ( your ScreenHero email address, or (if you don’t have ScreenHero) the email address you’d like me to invite.