This can be delivered as a condensed 5-part series (good as a refresher) or as an expanded 10 part series allowing us to elaborate with more in depth examples.

The SOLID principles, as coined by Robert C Martin, provide some guidance to intermediate or journeyman developers looking to improve the code they write.

In many ways they are related to the 4 Rules of Simple Design, and can be thought of as generative. However there is some tension between these principles,  and they are intended to be used as guiding principles rather than development dogma.

For private engagements content can be tuned for your most relevant programming language(s), and when delivered in person they provide a great opportunity to follow up the 45m lecture with a 45-60m facilitated kata to help highlight and cement the principles.

  1. The Single Responsibility Principle
  2. One Reason to Change
  3. The Open-Closed Principle
  4. Managing the Flood of Change
  5. The Liskov Substitution Principle
  6. If-Block Insanity
  7. The Interface Segregation Principle
  8. Finding Appropriate Boundaries
  9. The Dependency Inversion Principle
  10. Improving Testability